dairy queen blizzard of the month

Missing out on things sucks.

What sucks even more is missing out on the beautiful, short lifespan of a Dairy Queen Blizzard of the Month.

youtube pre-roll


direct mailer

Each new Blizzard of the Month flavor will be announced with a direct mail birth announcement.



To show just how little time there is to get each Blizzard of the Month flavor, ads with an aging Blizzard will be added to a cumulative out-of-home board. By the last week of the month, food fans will notice the Blizzard’s lifespan, be reminded of its mortality, and rush to get it before it’s gone. 



DQ will feature different phases of each Blizzard of the Month’s life to further remind people that it’s only around for a month.


day of the dead stunt

On Day of the Dead, Dairy Queen will resurrect the past year’s 12 Blizzards of the Month. For one day only, Blizzard fans can order their favorite past Blizzards to honor their beautiful, short-lived lives.


remembering the fallen ones

On the last day of each month, Dairy Queen employees will wear special black uniforms with a commemorative pin to honor the death of that month’s Blizzard. This pin is available for purchase online, so anyone can honor each fallen Blizzard.

Art Director: Jelena Kolomejac

Director of Photography: Richard A. Scott