Graphite Pencil - D&AD New Blood 2018

Merit - Creative Circus Student Show Spring 2018

Mass shootings are now a normal part of our society. So normal, we might as well wear Kevlar clothing. We made a line of high fashion Kevlar clothing to bring light to just how badly we need better gun control laws in our country.

This came out a few days after we submitted our idea. I'm not saying they stole our idea, but I'm not not saying that.




vogue editorial

In the following month's issue, Vogue will publish a 4orMore editorial revealing the brand's true purpose and call to action: a march on congress in support of the 2018 Assault Weapons ban. 


reveal tweets

In conjunction with the editorial, news of the brand reveal and the upcoming march will spread through social media with the hashtag #4usAll. 


media buzz


behind the scenes

I made these things with fabric, glue, a sewing machine, and the fiery rage I have toward the government for the lack of gun control laws in our country. 

Art Director: Nik Reed

Copywriter: Namwan Leavell

Photographer: Richard A. Scott

Clothing Designer/Seamstress: Sydney Lindsey (me)