in memoriam of the deceased lines

I've written some pretty shitty lines during my two years of portfolio school. Instead of letting them die in their respective Google docs, I memorialized them in cross stitch.

*more fallen lines currently being stitched*


wexley school for girls forum board

Gold - Creative Circus Student Show Spring 2018

Jelena Kolomejac and I constructed this forum board for Cal McAllister from Wexley School for Girls in Seattle.

We got a bunch of splinters, learned a lot about fans, and embarrassed ourselves in front of Cal.


You can't go to work without a uniform, so I sewed Jelena and I some custom patches on vintage mechanics shirts.

Factory ready? Yes. A little extra? Also yes. 

Co-Engineer, Co-Painter, & Fellow Big Fans of Fans: Jelena Kolomejac

Mechanic & Emotional Support Companion: John Dillon


circus GIFs

Some pals and I made GIFs that represent life the week before Panel at The Creative Circus.

My foot has never looked better.

Photographer: Ashton Taylor

Art Director/Sock Puller: Jelena Kolomejac